Get the best out of RVA Bike Share

Choosing your bike

All the RVA bikes are equipped with 8 gears for a traditional ride.

Going for a long ride?

Choose a bike with a higher battery level by checking the dashboard. If the screen is blank, wake the bike up by pressing the horn.

Pedal easily

Pedal with ease and comfort

Adjust your bike seat by raising or lowering the saddle height and use the front basket for your bags or cargo.

Keep an eye on the map

Ride within RVA Bike Share’s designated area to avoid any out of coverage fees.

Use the RVA Bike Share App for help on the go

Unlock a bike

Don’t have your pass? Use the App to unlock a bike.


Check the status of all RVA Bike Share stations in real-time to find the closest station or peek at available bikes.

Keep track of your ride time

Use the stopwatch function on the app for reminders when to dock.

Ride Data

Use the App or website to track your routes, miles ridden, and more.